Founded in 1996, Hessaire is the trusted name in air-movement solutions and products serving HVAC, agriculture, industrial and commercial markets.  Hessaire is a global manufacturer with facilities in Cullman, Alabama and Jiangsu Province, China.  Hessaire headquarters and main plant in Alabama covers 130,000 square ft. We apply advanced engineering methods backed with state of the art testing capabilities in resonance, noise, and airflow (30,000 cfm airflow chamber).  Hessaire’s emphasis on quality results in line DPPM rates less than 500 and meets the most demanding requirements of leading OEM’s such are Carrier, Trane, Lennox, and Daiken-McQuay.  Hessaire manufacturers complete lines of circulation fans from 9” to 54” in diameter and exhaust fans up to 50,000 cfm.

Hessaire’s Jiangsu China facility covers 65,000 square feet.  Hessaire China manufacturers motors, fans, and evaporative coolers.  Our motor testing lab can test motors up to 3KW.  We have a fully automated evaporative cooler production line capable of forming one cooler per minute.  Hessaire is the only fan manufacturer integrated in prop and motor design and manufacturing. This integration allows Hessaire to deliver customized air-movement solutions.  Hessaire’s global manufacturing enables competitive cost advantages and fast response to service seasonal and unpredictable ventilation markets.  Hessaire is the trusted name in air-movement.  We deliver on performance, quality, and value.