20 Frequenty Asked Questions

20 Frequenty Asked Questions

1. Where are the casters?

The castors and hardware are shipped inside the bottom of the cooler.

2. How do you clean and store the unit?
At the end of each use, turn off the pump. Allow the fans to dry the media completely. Drain all water out of the tank. Store in a protected/sheltered area. We recommend a scheduled cleaning routine (monthly/bimonthly) with a mild detergent based cleaner (CLR, Vinegar, Lysol). Dilute cleaner in the water tank. Run diluted cleaner through the cooler. Then drain and rinse with clean water. For hard water, take out media. Scrub the media with a soft brush and spray with water hose.

3. Are they water or rain proof?
While they are weather proof, we do not recommend constant exposure of the control panel to rain.

4. How often should you fill the water tank?
Fill the water tank every 3 to 4 hours. Or you can connect the water hose with low pressure.

5. How long until the smell goes away?
The smell will dissipate in time. The more you use the cooler the quicker the smell will go away.

6. How often should you change the media?
With proper maintenance, your media can last as long as 3 to 4 years.

7. Where can customers purchase parts for the coolers?
Customers can purchase parts directly from Hessaire

8. Is the cooler a standard 115 volt?

9. How do I prime my cooler?
Add water to the unit, plug in the cooler. Turn on only the pump for 5 to 10 minutes.

10. Does the cooler shut off when it runs out of water?
The pump has a safety feature that prevents damage in the event that the cooler runs out of water.

11. Can you run the cooler continually?

12. Why does the cooler need ventilation?
The cooler must be ventilated to avoid moisture build up

13. Can the cooler be used indoor and outdoor?

14. How do I change the media and other parts?
Please refer to Hessaire’s instructional manual.

15. What can you do with the USB port?
You can charge your phone, speakers, charge kids electronics, etc.

16. Explanation of control panel.
Please refer to Hessaire’s instructional manual.

17. What is the Sq. Ft/CFM covered?
Refer to specs.

18. Can I get a cover for my cooler?
Covers are coming soon!

19. How often do I drain my cooler?
Drain your cooler every 3 to 4 days.

20. Can I add essential oils for aromatherapy or pest control?