What is evaporative cooling?

What is evaporative cooling?


Keeping cool in warm climates doesn’t have to be expensive.

Investing in an evaporative cooler helps you save money on your utility bills and can make the summertime not feel so hot.

Evaporative cooling is a process to cool air in warm climates with low humidity.

So how does this process work?

Evaporative coolers take the warm air and pass it over water-saturated pads, which in turn, causes the water to evaporate into it. This makes the warm air up to 25 degrees cooler and circulates it, making the area cooler all around reducing temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

A nice change from 90 degreeFahrenheit temperatures and higher during the warmer months.

When water evaporates from a surface, that surface immediately cools down because it requires heat to change the liquid into vapor. This concept is the same for evaporative coolers. As air comes in contact with water, it absorbs it. The amount of water that is absorbed depends on how much water is in the air. If the amount of water, also known as humidity, in the air is low, more evaporation takes place.

The evaporative coolers can be installed in a few different areas from the roof, window and using portable devices.

The portable evaporative coolers are a nice addition in the home, but very popular in the industrial and agriculture areas.

There are several benefits to using evaporative cooling:

Evaporative cooling is the most energy efficient means of cooling.
Evaporative cooling is environmentally friendly.
Evaporative cooling adds fresh air vs. refrigeration systems that recirculate air.
Evaporative cooling saves you money.
Evaporative cooling can keep you cool anywhere.

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