Cast Propellers
Cast Propellers
Cast Propellers

Hessaire aluminum alloy propellers are hi-pressure injection casted. Proprietary airfoil and wide blade design are specifically designed for maximum airflow at static pressure from 0.0” up to 0.3”. Ideal for dairy ventilation and poultry layer ventilation fans.

  • Durable stiff blades are ideal for unguarded fans operating in conditions where objects may strike the prop, such as birds in dairys.
  • The casted blades are assembled to hi-pressure cast hub for ultra stiffness: ideal for applications of high static >0.2” where sheet metal blades can flex.
No. blades 3, 4, 6
Diameter 50” to 60”
RPM up to 700
HP up to 2HP
Available Material cast aluminum, 0.187-0.250” steel with welded steel hub
Cast Propellers